Impossible Stereo Art

Time to stretch those eyeball muscles 😀 Is this image impossible?….. Yes, yes it is…. but you’re seeing it. Cross your eyes until you see three images and the middle one will be dimensional. Lots of things happening in this one and as usual, the longer you look at it, the more you will discover. Tell your pals. When I started doing these, I didn’t realize how social they would be until I started showing them at conventions. Total strangers helping other strangers see the illusion. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Scullery Press at The Odd Market

Scullery Press will be at The Odd Market on Friday June 19th at the Autry!

Right opposite the L.A. Zoo. Look for booth #69

Stereo Art, Originals and a imited supply of the 3D Doodle Pads will be on hand. Free parking and free admission to this wonderful event. Local indie vendors with an eclectic mix of wares. Support your local artists and artisans at this family friendly event.MotelSignFlyer-June-19

3D Doodle Pad

So, after great success from it’s release at Comic Con 2011, the online launch of the 3D Doodle Pad is here. Fantastic reactions kept me so happy throughout the convention. Now, the official website is released, which has all the info about it.

What exactly is the 3D Doodle Pad? Well, now you can draw, doodle and sketch in 3D. That’s right… whatever you doodle will appear in 3D just by using this pad. The best part is, especially for younger doodlers, is that it comes with simple background doodles which are in 3D, and that helps kick start ideas.

Remember being faced with a blank white sheet of paper and how sometimes it could be hard to just start getting your ideas down? The background edition helps take away any of the “what will I draw?” factor.

I did so much tweaking and testing to be sure to bring you the best possible experience with the drawing pad. Many rounds of feedback from children to adults were made and given. One of my favorite feedback quotes were, “This is awesome….Can you make it even more awesome?”

Hahaha. Loved that….. so I did. I specially designed some depth of field illusions that help bring your doodle out even further than normal off the page. And all of the books come with an extra page that give you a trick to make your doodles look like they are completely floating off the page in mid air.

I hope you enjoy it. I’m so looking forward to seeing what your doodles look like and I can’t wait to see what everyone will think.

Coachella In 3D

Coachella in 3D.

X your eyes to merge the images on top of each other and you’ll see the piano dude from Mumford and Sons in one of my more subtle pieces. YouTube is doing a beautiful job in covering the event, and the lighting really made an impression on me. Wait ’till you see tomorrow’s Zombie Chicken piece, also inspired from the lighting form Saturday nights performances . (Though I’m still not sure where the zombie and chicken mashup came from)



I’ve always loved looking at Jellyfish. The see through bodies, vibrant colors and wondering how those dangley bits never got tangled up. All the wonders as I pressed my nose up against the glass at the aquarium.

Now, to see this Jellyfish in 3D, just cross your eyes until the two jellyfish merge or cross on top of each other. If you can get the center of it to merge, everything else will fall into place.

In other news…. well why does it say KangoBango at the top of the image?……Well, that’s the site especially designed for kids. All kid friendly stereo images. Safe for the little ones to browse around. I’ll be posting some of the work here too. What? You know kids who like to cross their eyes for fun? Well send them on over to KangoBango!


Eye Exercise Flowers

A friend of mine just got his eyes checked the other day and his eyesight improved by .25 in each eye on his prescription since he’s been looking at my stereo art :) Awesome!

So here’s an eye exercise to help you improve your eyesight too.
Cross your eyes until the images merge on top of each other. When you start to see the 3D, try looking from one flower to another.

They are all at different places in space.

After that, anything goes. There’s different areas of space in the background, and even in the girl. By mixing up any combination of where to look, your eyes will get a great work out. As with any muscle, a little work out will make it stronger.


Art for Japan. Share the Red Cross text info

Please share the Red Cross info to easily text a $10 donation for Japan. Create awareness for the text number. Feel free to share this video to get this number out there. Text “redcross” to 90999. It takes just seconds to donate.

Another way to donate is through Nucleus Gallery that will be hosting a huge online auction to benefit the relief efforts in Japan. The gallery is helping by creating “Art for Japan”, an emergency campaign project in support of give2aisa and ArtistsHelpJapan.

The Nucleus Gallery auction will take place exclusively on their site from April 20 – 25. The event link and the auction site, once live, can be found Here



I’ve been up to a lot of experiments with different looks/styles over the last while and finding new things at every turn. Lots of exciting things to see. Cross your eyes until the two images merge on top of each other and you will see it in 3D.

Testing out a new format too, so you’ll get an image at the top of the site.

Also, if you haven’t been yet….. my stereo site for kids…..


Color Theory Is All In Your Head

This one was a fun one to make. Color theory is a funny thing. It even works inside your mind. The left and right sides of your brain will mash these two images together. At first, the colors will flash between both the red and the blue. That’s your left and right brain trying to make sense of it. As the moments pass, the colors will blend together… this case, purple.

Click the image to make it big.

Red And Blue Color Theory

For more color mixing fun, here’s one of the most popular color mixing images…. MoonGirl